Apostille & Legalization Running Services

We offer complete document Apostille, Authentication, and Embassy Legalization Running services, saving you the hassle of knowing the requirements of different government agencies. In addition, the process needs to be completed in a particular sequence, which we will carry out for you. We can take the guess work out of the documentation process for you.
So what is an apostille?
Document requirements for one country aren’t always the same for another. Their validity can be local to a certain region and differ from country to country. Sometimes records can be required or needed in another country but with so many different standards in effect, the need for a unified document was the key. In 1961 The Hague Conference on Private International Law established the Apostille. Apostille is an authentication certification, a stamp. It is designed for use among nations that participate in the Hague Convention. These joint regions are called signatory countries as formed by the Hague Conference on Private International Law.
Apostille only pertains to public documents. Primary examples of public instruments are marriage, birth and death certificates as well as court documents, patents and even diplomas.
The United States of America has been part of the Hague Convention since October of 1981. Apostille, coming from the French and meaning certificate, is a uniformly condensed and simplified mutually agreed upon document usable and accepted by these convention nations. Apostille seal proves validity and original signature source.
For a complete list of participating countries, processes and procedures, please contact Boston Notary Service as we provide extensive support and services for all your Apostille needs.
How to get an Apostille?
Getting documents apostilled can be a complex task especially if it is your first encounter with the entire document authentication subject. Our Apostille specialists will review your documents, advice of any required steps on your part and confirm apostille eligibility within one business day and in most cases even sooner.
We service individual, corporate, legal firms and government organizations.

Examine the legitimacy of an official signature on a document, the authority in which the signer operated, and the identity of any stamp or seal used to affix the signature. 

We Provide a mobile notary service where we can travel to your site of choice and day and time. We conduct service onsite and then run the executed documents for Apostille at the State. We can ship your documents if required. Same Day Service is available and we are conveniently located in Boston where we can dispatch and agent.


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