What is the Role of a Constable?

What is the Role of a Constable?

If you want to learn all about what a Constable is you have come o the right place. A Constable is a public official with a long history of service to the people of Massachusetts. The term is derived from a French word meaning "keeper of the peace," and Constables have been tasked with the preservation and maintenance of peace in their communities since the Middle Ages. In modern times, Constables are appointed by the Mayor and are responsible for serving summonses, subpoenas, and town meeting notices; preserving the peace; preventing crime; and serving and executing civil process.  Constables also have jurisdiction over civil breach of the peace, as well as other legal matters. Constables play an important role in upholding the common law in Massachusetts, and their powers and duties and responsibilities vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

What is a Massachusetts Constable?

A Massachusetts Constable is a sworn peace officer who protects and maintains the peace for their assigned municipality. Their constable duties in Massachusetts consist of serving judicial processes, such as summonses and subpoenas for people to appear in court in criminal and/or civil cases. Constables also have the power to require aid in the execution of their duties such as the Sheriff. Constables may also be held responsible for service of process, such as writs and warrants in criminal cases. They are appointed or elected by the city or town they serve. Constables are distinct from police officers, as they do not typically provide proactive law enforcement. Instead, they focus on serving judicial process in a professional manner.

What does a constable do in MA?

In addition to their duties in criminal cases, constables also play an important role in civil cases. Constables may serve and are responsible for serving writs and processes described in Section 94 of the General Laws of Massachusetts. This includes summonses, subpoenas, notice to quit, divorce matters, federal court matters, small claims and other documents requiring a party to appear before a court or tribunal. Constables also possess the power of arrest without a warrant in certain circumstances, including violations of the election laws, according to G. L. c. 41, § 39. The Harley v. Granville Supreme Judicial Court case further states that constables are responsible for preserving the peace and protecting citizens from harm. Constables also conduct Evictions and Capias. Constables are thus an important part of the legal system, both in criminal and civil matters. Elected or appointed by the selectmen of their town or city to the office of Constable.

How to become a Massachusetts Constable?

Becoming a Boston Constable is not a difficult process, but there are certain requirements that must be met in order to be eligible for the position and powers of constables. Firstly, you must be at least 18 years old and have proof of residence in the municipality you are applying to become a Constable. Additionally, prior to being appointed constables pass a background check required by law. You must pay an application fee.  Furthermore, you must provide an attorney recommendation (for new Constables only) for the service of civil process. Finally, it is important to understand the duties of a Constables in Massachusetts, as they differ from those of police officers. With these steps followed, an individual can become a Boston Constable and serve their community with pride.

Why do I need a Constable Bond?

A Constable Bond is a public official surety bond required before an appointed constable can serve or execute civil processes and perform their duties . This bond guarantees that the public can trust the person elected to an office, and that they will fulfill their duties to the best of their abilities. The bond is requested by the City of Boston, and it is proof that the principal can be trusted to uphold their business obligations. It is similar to a fidelity bond in that it provides assurance to the taxpayer that any financial losses incurred by the principal's actions will be compensated for. A Constable Bond is a simple yet powerful way for people to demonstrate their trustworthiness and responsibility when it comes to public office.

How to find a constable in Massachusetts?

As you see a Constable plays and integral role in the legal industry. The powers and duties of a constable are vetted into Massachusetts general law where constables derived their common law powers.  If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable constable in Massachusetts, then look no further than How Colon Constable Services. As a premier Massachusetts constable and process server company, they provide a range of services such as serving legal documents, filing court papers, attending court hearings, and more. Their team is committed to providing quality services with promptness and accuracy. With years of experience and expertise in the field, they have developed a reputation for excellence. By choosing Colon Constable Services as your go-to source for constable services in Massachusetts, you can be sure that your needs will be met promptly and professionally.

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