What is A Boston Process Server?

What is Service of Civil Process Massachusetts?

In order to understand a Boston Process server you must understand the history and relevance of the office. Service of Civil Process Massachusetts is the process by which legal documents such as summonses, complaints, subpoenas and other legal documents are served on a person or business within the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The process is governed by the Rules of Civil Procedure for each county in Massachusetts. Generally, service includes delivering copies of the documents to the person or business being served or posting them at their last known address. Service also includes a sworn affidavit from the server attesting to having done so. In Suffolk County, it is a requirement of Rule 4 that all parties involved in civil proceedings must be properly served with legal process. The court may not proceed until this requirement is met. Serving legal process is necessary for any civil matter to proceed through the court system and serves to ensure that all parties have been notified and have had an opportunity to respond to the claims made against them.

Service of Civil Process in Massachusetts is an important part of the legal system. It is the service of legal documents to a party in order to put them on notice of a court action or other legal process that affects their rights or obligations. In Massachusetts, service of process must be done in accordance with the Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure and the court that holds jurisdiction over the matter. The service includes delivering the document to a person, business, or other entity subject to the jurisdiction of the court. This can be done by any adult who is not a party to the case and who is not related to either party. Each county has its own rules for service and it is important to follow them in order for service to be valid. For example, Suffolk & Middlesex County requires that all process servers must register with their Sheriff’s Office/Constable prior to serving legal process. Service of process is an important requirement for any legal proceeding and following the rules for civil procedure in Massachusetts ensures that all parties are given fair notice and due process rights are honored.

What are some popular services for a Boston Process Server?

Process servers are an important part of the legal system, providing a reliable way for court documents to be delivered and served. Popular services for process server in Massachusetts include filing court documents, serving mass subpoenas, deposition form, delivering summonses, summary process summons and complaint, and providing proof of service. They also offer online tracking and electronic filing services to make sure that documents are properly sent and received. Boston Process server may also provide additional services such as skip tracing, Massachusetts private investigator, mobile notary services, Apostille Service Massachusetts, I-9 Verification, vital records document retrieval (Birth Death, Marriage Certificate) from courthouses, and background checks. Many process servers offer reasonable rates or even flat fees so that clients can rest assured they are getting the best deal possible. In addition to these popular services, some process servers specialize in areas like bankruptcy, foreclosure, or family law so that clients can get the specific help they need.

What is Registered Agent Service in Massachusetts

The registered agent service in Massachusetts is a requirement for all domestic businesses registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The law requires that all business entities have a designated person or organization to accept service of process on their behalf at a place of business in Massachusetts. This requirement is fulfilled by appointing a registered agent, who can serve as an intermediary between the business and the Secretary of State. Boston is a popular location for many businesses and offers an ideal solution for those looking for a Registered Agent Service in Massachusetts. The role of the Registered Agent includes accepting service of process from any legal notice provided to the business, as well as other documents required by law to be delivered to the business entity itself. This allows businesses to focus on their core product or service offerings, while leaving the legal side of things up to their appointed Registered Agent Service in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Notice to Quit

A Notice to Quit is a document that serves as a legal notice in Massachusetts, according to state law. This notice is typically served by the landlord or property owner when they wish to terminate the tenancy agreement and eviction of a tenant. The Notice to Quit must be properly served in accordance with Massachusetts law and if the tenant fails to comply, then the landlord may file their case in housing court. The Notice to Quit outlines the process and timeline that the tenant must comply with or face eviction proceedings in court. It is important for landlords and tenants alike to understand this legal process as outlined by Massachusetts law in order to ensure that everyone’s rights are being respected throughout the process. Using a dependable process server or Constable is advised for proper statewide process servers Massachusetts.  

Medical Records Subpoena Service

Medical Records Subpoena Service is a legal service from Colon Constable Services located in Massachusetts that provides subpoena services for healthcare professionals. This service can serve subpoenas to other medical facilities, billing companies, and other entities involved in medical records. The service is located in Boston, MA and has been providing subpoena services since its inception. With this Massachusetts-based service, one can easily obtain copies of medical records from any location. The company takes pride in its ability to provide quality and reliable services with fast turnaround times. All of their services are provided at an affordable price so anyone can access the necessary documents they need. Medical Records Subpoena Service is the perfect option for anyone who needs to obtain copies of medical records in a timely fashion at an affordable cost.


Boston, Massachusetts is home to a variety of process servers and agencies. Process servers are tasked with the important job of serving legal documents such as summons and complaints. It is their responsibility to attempt service of these documents in a timely manner. This process can be done through various methods, ranging from mail to routine attempts at physical service. In the event that rush service is needed, process servers are able to meet tight deadlines for court filings. Companies like Colon Constable services in Boston Massachusetts are adept at delivering legal documents quickly and efficiently. Process servers provide an invaluable service in the legal system, saving time and money by efficiently serving papers from one party to another. Whether it's a routine delivery or a rush job, Massachusetts process servers are available to ensure that all court orders are served correctly and promptly.

Reliable Boston Process Servers​

Process serving in Boston is an important job. A process server is a professional who provides service of process, which involves delivering legal documents like summons, subpoenas, court notices, and business papers to people or organizations. Process servers handle these documents and deliver them in a timely manner according to the law. They are reliable and provide quality services. Businesses trust the services of these process servers as they provide legal and professional services that can help them in court litigation. Process service is essential for ensuring that the document reaches its destination quickly and safely so that it can be handled in a timely manner. Professional process servers like Colon Constable Services in Boston use their expertise to ensure that their clients receive the best service possible so that their cases can be handled properly by the court.

Boston Constable Office

A Boston Constable Office Like Colon Constable Services is a legal business that handles the process of service. The office provides all services related to the process server, such as delivering notices and summons, handling summons and complaints, and other legal matters. They are responsible for making sure that all documents related to the process of service are handled correctly and delivered in a timely manner. In addition, they provide assistance with any legal matters related to the process of service. The Boston Constable Office is committed to providing quality services and helping businesses handle their legal needs efficiently. They strive to make sure that all processes are properly handled and that customers receive the best service possible. With their expertise in the field of process serving, they can ensure that all documents are delivered quickly and accurately so that businesses can move forward with their legal proceedings as soon as possible.

Get Started with Massachusetts Service of Process

Getting started with a Boston, Massachusetts Service of Process like Colon Constable Services is easy. It is the process by which a document, such as a summons or complaint, can be legally served upon an individual or business. This service is provided by professional and certified process servers in order to ensure that the process is being served properly and in compliance with all Massachusetts state laws. The process servers will attempt to serve the documents on behalf of the client in order to give them legal notice of any action that has been taken against them. The success rate for delivering these documents depends greatly on how quickly and effectively the process server can make contact with the person who needs to be served. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy process server in Massachusetts, then look no further than Colon Constable Services.

Why Choose Us As Your Colon Constable Services as your Process Service Company?

At Colon Constable Services, we specialize in process service and mobile notary service Boston, throughout Massachusetts and the entire greater Boston area. We provide a cost-effective and reliable solution for your process service needs. Our team of experienced legal professionals is dedicated to getting your documents served quickly and accurately. We understand the importance of ensuring that all legal documents are served according to both state and federal law, so our process servers use their expertise to make sure everything is done correctly. Additionally, our team can help you with any paperwork related to your case, making sure it is filled out correctly and filed according to the rules established by the court. All of these services combined make us a great choice when you need someone to serve papers on behalf of the defendant. Our commitment to providing excellent customer service has helped us become one of the leading process service companies in Boston, Massachusetts. With our experience in this field, you can rest assured that your legal documents will be served correctly and on time. Let us help you today!

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