What are some Typical Documents a Constable or Process Server can Serve?

Constables & Process Servers are a crucial part of the legal system, as they are responsible for delivering important documents from court to a defendant or other party. These documents can range from subpoenas and summons to restraining orders, eviction notices and more. Below is a list of some of the most common types of documents that process servers serve:
-Subpoenas: A subpoena is an order issued by a court requiring an individual to appear in court or provide testimony or evidence in a case.
-Summonses: A summons is an official notice informing someone that they have been named as a defendant in a lawsuit.
-Restraining Orders & Temporary Protective Orders (TPOs): Restraining orders and TPOs are orders issued by the court prohibiting certain types of contact between the plaintiff and defendant.
-Eviction Notices: An eviction notice is an official document issued by a landlord informing tenants that they must vacate their premises within a specified period of time due to failure to comply with their lease agreement.
Evictions documents come in many shapes and sizes, but the most common type of document served by a constable is an eviction notice. A Notice to Quit is usually served when a tenant has failed to pay rent or breached their lease agreement in some other way and the landlord wants to begin the process of legally removing them from their property. Other types of eviction documents that may be served by a constable include a summons and complaint (which begins an eviction lawsuit), 48 Hour Notice to Quit or a writ of possession (which orders the tenant to vacate the premises).
-Bank Levies & Writs Of Garnishment: Bank levies and writs of garnishment are legal documents that allow creditors to collect on debts owed by garnishments.
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