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Boston Massachusetts Process Service by Colon Constable Services
Are you looking for a professional process server or Constable to handle your legal documents in Boston, Massachusetts? Look no further than Colon Constable Services. With over a decade of experience, our team of licensed process servers provides top-quality service of process and other legal document delivery services throughout the state of Massachusetts.
Boston Process Server
Why you should hire a process server in Boston
When you need legal documents served in Boston, it is important to hire a professional process server. The legal process can be complicated and time-consuming, and a professional process server will ensure that all crucial documents are delivered properly and efficiently. Additionally, a process server can also provide proof of service, which can be vital in legal proceedings.
Who can benefit from using a process server
A variety of individuals and organizations can benefit from using a process server. Attorneys, law firms, and other legal professionals often use process servers to assist with case preparation and legal document delivery. Landlords and property managers may also use process servers for serving eviction notices and other legal documents related to housing court. A process server can also serve individuals who need to deliver legal papers as part of a civil lawsuit.
What documents can a process server deliver in Boston
Process servers can deliver a wide variety of legal documents, including summons and complaints, subpoenas, and other court documents. Additionally, process servers can serve legal documents related to divorce, child custody, deposition subpoenas, notice to quit, Capias, Trespassing, summons and complaint, Massachusetts Civil Process, summary process of evictions, licensed movers set up, 48 Hour Notice of Eviction, small claims court, Boston Housing Court, Superior Court, Boston Evictions, and other Probate family law matters or attorney support.
Massachusetts Process Servers
What is the role of a Massachusetts process server
A Massachusetts process server is responsible for delivering legal documents to individuals who are involved in a legal case. This can include defendants, witnesses, and other parties relevant to the case. The process server must ensure that the documents are delivered in a legal and ethical manner, and provide proof of service once the delivery is complete.
How to register as a process server in Massachusetts
In order to become a process server in Massachusetts, an individual must first obtain a license from the state as a Constable or Sheriff. The licensing process involves completing the required application and satisfying certain educational and training requirements for the rules of civil procedure.
What services do Massachusetts process servers offer
In addition to service of process, Massachusetts process servers can provide a range of related legal document delivery services. This can include delivering subpoenas, serving legal notices, and providing court filing services in the Boston Metro or county of Massachusetts.
Service of Process
What is service of process
Legal Service of process refers to the legal delivery of formal legal documents to an individual who is involved in a legal case. This process involves serving the documents in a legal and ethical manner and providing proof of service to the court. Colon Constable Services covers Statewide individuals and businesses with a high level of professionalism.  Licensed and Bonded and located in Massachusetts we handle your court case with care.
What are the rules and regulations for service of process in Boston
In Boston and throughout Massachusetts, there are specific rules and regulations governing the service of process for legal procedure.  For example, the documents must be served in a specific manner, such as in person or through certified mail. Additionally, the delivery must be well-documented and proof of service must be provided to the court.
How can a professional process server help with service of process
A professional process server can help with service of process in several ways. They can ensure that the documents are delivered legally and in a timely manner, while also providing proof of service to the court. Additionally, a process server can handle any complications that may arise during the delivery process.
Serving Subpoena
What is a subpoena and how it is served in Massachusetts
A subpoena is a legal document that requires an individual to appear in court or to provide testimony or evidence related to a legal case. In Massachusetts, a subpoena must be served by a process server or by the sheriff's department.
How can a process server help with serving a subpoena
A process server can help with serving a subpoena by ensuring that the legal document is delivered to the correct individual or party in a timely and legal manner. Additionally, the process server can provide proof of service and can handle any complications that may arise during the delivery process.
What is the difference between a subpoena and a summons
While both subpoenas and summonses are legal documents related to a legal case, they serve different purposes. A summons is a legal document that notifies the defendant of a lawsuit and requires them to appear in court. A subpoena, on the other hand, requires an individual who is not a party to the case to provide evidence or testimony related to the case.
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How can you get in touch with Colon Constable Services for your process serving needs
To get in touch with Colon Constable Services for your process serving needs, simply visit our website or give us a call. We are available to answer any questions you may have and to schedule a consultation.
What is the pricing for process serving and related services
At Colon Constable Services, we offer competitive pricing for our process serving and related legal document delivery services. Contact us to receive a quote based on your specific needs or service of legal process. 
How can an attorney benefit from working with Colon Constable Services
Attorneys and law firms can benefit from working with Colon Constable Services by outsourcing their legal document delivery needs to a professional and reliable process serving company. This allows attorneys to focus on their clients and their cases, while leaving the legal document delivery to the experts.
Colon Constable Services is your best choice for Massachusetts process service and Massachusetts Constable Service, Mobile notaries near you and Remote Online Notarization as well as Massachusetts Apostille Stamp Service in Boston. With 5 Star Reviews on Google and Bing you can contact us at for all your serving documents or Boston Mobile Notary Service. 

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